The latest addition to the Jeanneau line up

The new Jeanneau 64 Yacht has been years in the planning, this immaculate yacht has been designed to provide much of the same comfort found on the Jeanneau 57 yacht but on a grander scale. The new flagship of the Jeanneau line up is truly a wonder to behold. The Jeanneau 64 is all new for 2014 and has already began to win praises in the yachting community.

The Jeanneau 64 hull was designed by Phillippe Briand, a true master among naval architects accustomed to designing many of the most prestigious superyachts. His design goal when designing the Jeanneau 64 was to design a superyacht at a human scale. The Jeanneau 64 is designed to bring you everything that has made Jeanneau line up so popular, as well as combining the design elements Briand has incorporated into superyacht designs. The Jeanneau 64 is designed to provide immense comfort but is also unquestionably a sailors boat. The hull features a hard chine which increases performance, speed, stability, and also allows for a roomier interior. The immense cockpit on the Jeanneau 64 will occupy over 40% of the deck area, providing an unprecedented level of space above deck. Below deck one would find an equally ample amount of space. The Jeanneau 64 is designed to provide wide expanses of view through its large windows, allowing in light and opening up the interior. Jeanneau is well known for their wide array of layout options, and the Jeanneau 64 will be no different. The Jeanneau 64 providse a greater level of comfort for the skipper and crew than any previous Jeanneau model. Stay tuned to for more updates and photos as they come.

The interior of the Jeanneau 64 is designed by the mulit-award winning superyacht interior designer Andrew winch. Andrew Winch Designs has designed the interiors for over 55 of the most prestigious superyachts. This design expertise will be cleary evident in lines and utlility inside the Jeanneau 64. The interior of the Jeanneau 64 was designed to provide increased comfort over anything Jeanneau has offered before. This will be evident through all iterations of the Jeanneau 64; factoring the layout configurations, wood and leather choices and more there are thousands of possible interior combinations of the Jeanneau 64, meaning the Jeanneau 64 will be a truly customizable experience.